Friday, February 10, 2017

Spring Raqs Pensacola! Showcase 2017

Dazzling Bellydance Showcase featuring your Pensacola Homegirl Gina, fantastic local talent, and fabulous dancers from the Gulf Coast area and beyond!  Doors open at 4:00PM; show starts at 5:00PM.  This spectacular showcase occurs after the Spring Raqs Pensacola Workshop on May 6, 2017.  Full Spring Raqs Workshop information HERE:
$5 General Admission for guests not attending the workshop.  Kids 12 years and younger Free.  Paypal: or cash at door.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Currently, there are 5 preregistered for Beginner, 5 preregistered for Beginner II, and 3 preregistered for Intermediate/Advanced.  If we don’t receive 7 registrants for each class, the classes will be cancelled. 
Each Spring Term class offered is $60 for the session, which breaks down to be $7.50/per class = A FANTASTIC DEAL!!!  :-D
The next opportunity to study for an 8-week session with Gina will be Fall Term 2017.  So don’t delay; register today!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Did you know that Gina was chosen the 2017 Shimmy Mob Choreographer?  What is Shimmy Mob, you ask?
Shimmy Mob, a "Flash Mob"-type event, is the largest event of its kind by the total geographical territory covered in one day, creating awareness and raising funds for women's and children's shelters in participating communities.  Shimmy Mob sponsors women's and children's shelters in various local areas by promoting and furthering their causes.  Proceeds generated from Shimmy Mob fundraising events are donated to the shelters in the participating communities.  
How does it work?
1.  Register and Order Your Shimmy Mob Kit
Go to  You can register once there is a City Team Leader established in your area and the city will appear on the registration form.  If you want to participate but there is no leader and you don't want to be the City Team Leader, you can help find one in your city.  The Kit you order includes your Shimmy Mob t-shirt to wear on Shimmy Mob performance day (different from the previous Shimmy Mob event) and links to the choreography breakdown that will be emailed to you.
2.  Learn the dance
You will receive an email with links to the choreography breakdown and runthrough after you register for the Shimmy Mob.
3.  Rehearse with your local participating Instructors.
Your team leader, or a team leader assistant, will let you know times of rehearsals and location details for your area.  You will be contacted by your City Team Leader (CTL) or Team Leader Assistant (TLA) of any updates.  They will also let you know when it is time for you to pick up your t-shirt from your City Team Leader.  
4.  Perform on World Bellydance Day
This is THE DAY!  World Bellydance Day!!  (This year it falls on May 13, 2017.)  Meet up with your Team Leader and other dancers and Shimmy Mob! 
Apart from benefiting women's and children's shelters, Shimmy Mob is a fun way to make new friends and perform with a group in a no-stress, no-pressure environment.  If you've ever been curious about dancing and performing in a non-judgmental, supportive and nurturing group, this is the opportunity for you!  The choreography is short and EASY TO LEARN - accessible to ALL LEVELS of dance.  I invite and encourage all my students and dancer friends to participate! 


Belly Dancing for Beginners
Learn the basics of belly dancing.  Focus is on posture, isolations, basic Egyptian technique, and vocabulary of movement.  Enjoy a great low-impact workout that improves flexibility, coordination and muscle tone.  Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for working out.
$60    Course R05417    (#12 hours)
Section 8382    6:00PM - 7:30PM    Wednesdays
2/8/17 - 4/5/17
WAR, Building #3200, Room 3230

Belly Dancing for Beginners II
This course is a progressive continuation of Belly Dance for Beginners (R05417).  New movement vocabulary, concept of layering, and common Oriental rhythms are introduced.
$60    Course R05996    (#12 hours)
Section 8449    6:30PM - 8:00PM    Thursdays
2/9/17 - 4/6/17
PEN, Building #3, Room 0312

Oriental Dance Intermediate/Advanced
Students who are already familiar with the fundamentals of belly dancing will gain greater knowledge and understanding of classic oriental rhythms and music.  Emphases are on personal development, stagecraft, performance and improvisational skills through layered movement, shimmies, turns, and traveling combinations.  
$60    Course R05739    (#12 hours)
Section 8384   6:45PM - 8:15PM    Mondays
2/6/17 - 4/3/17
PEN, Building #3, Room 0312

Campus Locations:  PEN - Pensacola Campus, 1000 College Blvd., Pensacola, FL 
WAR - Pensacola State College, Warrington Campus, 5555 W. Hwy. 98, Pensacola, FL

Register online at
Register in person at any Pensacola State College campus Registration Office.
Pensacola, Building 2 * Milton, Building 4200 * Warrington, Building 3600 * * 850-484-1797

Friday, November 11, 2016


Missed my class this session and want to sign up next time?  Well, here is the “Next Time” information!  Spring term starts February 2017; registration will open in January.  So mark your calendars and plan early!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Belly Dancing For Beginners:
Learn the basics of Belly Dancing.  This course will focus on posture, isolations, basic Egyptian technique, and vocabulary of movement.  It is designed to give students a great low impact workout that improves flexibility, coordination, and muscle tone.  Belly Dance is appropriate for all ages and body types; plus, it’s fun!  No prior dance experience necessary. 
Suggested Attire:  Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for working out.  Although not required, you may tie a scarf around your hips (fringed shoulder shawl is an inexpensive option).  Students may dance barefoot or wear dance shoes such as ballet slippers or jazz dance sneakers. 
Course R 05417 Section #8453 (12 hours)  $60
9/28/16 – 11/16/16  Wednesdays  6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Warrington Campus 5555 W. Hwy. 98 Pensacola

Belly Dance For Beginners I:
Shorter version of Belly Dancing For Beginners Class above, offered at the Vickrey Resource Center:
Course R05966 Section #8603 (8 hours)  $44
9/29/16-11/17/16  Thursdays  6:00 PM – 6:50 PM
Vickrey Resource Center 2130 Summit Blvd. Pensacola

Belly Dance For Beginners II:
This course is a progressed continuation of Belly Dance For Beginners I.  New movement vocabulary, the concept of layering, and common Oriental rhythms are introduced. 
Course R05967 Section #8604 (8 hours)  $44
9/29/16-11/17/16  Thursdays  7:05 PM – 7:59 PM
Vickrey Resource Center 2130 Summit Blvd. Pensacola

Intermediate/Advanced Oriental Dance:
This class is designed for dancers already possessing fundamental belly dance vocabulary who wish to elevate their practice to the next level.  Layered movement, shimmies, turns, and travelling combinations are featured in this Egyptian-flavored Oriental class.  Students will acquire a greater knowledge and understanding of classic Oriental rhythms and music. Emphasis will be placed on personal development, stagecraft, performance skills and improvisational skills.
Course R 05739 Section #8452 (12 hours)  $60
9/26/16 – 11/21/16 (no class 10/31/16)  Mondays  6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Pensacola State Campus 1000 College Blvd. Pensacola

Register online at
Register in person at any Pensacola State College Campus Registration Office.
Pensacola, Building 2 * Milton, Building 4200 * Warrington, Building 3600 * * 850-484-1797

Friday, September 2, 2016



Location:  Ashbury Hotel, Mobile, AL
600 W I-65 Service Rd S, Mobile, AL  36608-5907

Gina is based in Pensacola, FL.  Dancing since the age of 9, she has a strong background in ballet, jazz, modern, and musical theatre dance.  She received her BFA in dance and Theatre Arts from East Carolina University.
Gina's fascination with Oriental dance began in August 2000, when she took her first "belly dance" class and was immediately hooked.  She has studied with notable American, Arabic, and European dancers and is inspired by these artists, as well as her own ballet and jazz background.
Gina's awards in Oriental dance include the following Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition honors:  Champion of Champions 2010, Champion Drum Solo 2010, and 2nd Runner Up Fusion 2010.  She also placed 3rd in the 2007 East Coast Belly Dance Classic Competition.
Gina's belly dance classes meet at Pensacola State College, through the Continuing Education Department.  She is hosting the Second Annual Spring Raqs Pensacola Workshop and Show on May 6, 2017, where she will be teaching a drum solo choreography. Aside from instructing Oriental dance, her other passions include teaching Pure Barre classes and relaxing on the Emerald Coast's fabulous beaches.

Golden Veil Productions was originally based in GA and hosted more than 20 events there. Since 1987, our goal has been, and continues to be, to bring you the finest in dance events.

Our 2016 Event Theme is:  "Unity in the Community".  Let's get together!  Support one another and make this a joyful, fun-for-all experience.

Class Instruction:  Super Smackdown Saturday!
Something for everyone!

The Thrill of the Drill:  Get grounded by working Egyptian technique featuring Gina's signature Oriental styling.  We will refresh basic posture and line while drilling isolations and movement vocabulary.  This class is ideal for ALL levels who wish to rejuvenate their technique.

Marvelous Move It:  Come prepared to WERK!  We will drill technique and across-the-floor steps, to culminate in an extended center-floor combination.  This class is for ALL levels who wish to take their dance to the next level.

Doors open:  10 a.m., Class:  11:00 a.m.
Lunch Break 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Class:  1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Evening Dance Concert:  Doors Open 7:00 p.m.
Showtime:  7:30 p.m.

For class and performance info contact:  Mary Moore at, or on facebook:

Pre-registration for the class is required for performers.  Performers will be selected by Sponsor.  Limited slots available.  We'd love to see you dance.  Get in touch!
-Class:  $50.00, before Oct. 15, 2016
After Oct. 15, 2016:  $60.00

Dance Concert Tickets, $7.00, before Oct. 15, 2016
After Oct. 15, 2016 and at the door:  $10.00

Location:  Ashbury Hotel, Mobile, AL.  (address above)
Rooms before Oct. 24th, $65.00, plus tax.  Must register as attending Golden Veil Productions event.  Plenty of restaurants close by.  Rooms have mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee makers.  No restaurant in hotel.  Hotel is a non-smoking facility.  For reservations, phone # 251-344-5030.